Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Sandwiches

On Thursday afternoon, I ate Three Girls Bakery's meatloaf sandwich, which has been featured in the National Geographic Magazine. I ordered the sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles, pepperoncini, mayo, and mustard on white bread. The sandwich was stuffed with a one-third pound slice of housemade meatloaf and felt heavier than my brother's netbook laptop. I brought my sandwich to work and shared it with my student, Alex. He was also impressed with the weight and size of the sandwich. At first, we were intimidated by the quantity of meatloaf but it turned out to be quite pleasing. The meatiness was balanced out by the flavors of the onion, pepperoncini, and mustard. The bread was quite mushy and the last bite of my sandwich was an unpleasant blob of meat+mayo+soggy bread. Next time, I will probably skip the tomatoes and go lighter on the mayonnaise and mustard.

Later that evening, I went to Dinette with my friend Nick, who is spending the next few months in Jordan. We shared the chicken liver mousse, goat cheese stuffed dates and corn cakes with fresh cherry tomatoes. While I enjoy the taste of pâté, I am not the biggest fan of the texture. The chicken liver mousse was spread thinly on crispy crostini. I was able to enjoy the taste without becoming grossed out. The pâté was topped off with hot pickled peppers, which were very spicy. The spice complemented the mousse but was borderline overwhelming. I do not think that I would've been able to finish the entire plate of chicken liver mousse on my own. Overall, the dinner was very enjoyable, especially because I got to share it with my good friend.

On Friday afternoon, I bit into Beecher's Dungeness Crab Grilled Cheese Sandwich and exclaimed, "Mother fucker. Holy shit." I was lost for words. I totally respect the fact that they did not skimp out on the Dungeness crab. The combination of the crab and Beecher's flagship cheese was very rich. Still, I think that there was room for a bit more cheese. The sandwich was surprisingly filling and I wasn't really hungry for the rest of the day.

-- Rose

1514 East Olive Way
Seattle, WA

Three Girls Bakery
1514 Pike Place
Seattle, WA

Beecher's Handmade Cheese
1600 Pike Place
Seattle, WA

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