Friday, September 17, 2010

The Sixteenth Sandwich

Today, I visited Kiss Cafe in Ballard to try the Monte Cristo sandwich. A Monte Cristo is made with french toast, ham, turkey, cheese and... strawberry jam. I appreciate the concept of the sandwich the savory and the sweet - very yin and yang. I thought about the sandwich throughout the day and I wondered... can you have it all? After my friend Whitney and I went on a (wet) afternoon walk in Discovery Park, we went to Kiss Cafe. I ordered the Monte Cristo and she ordered a wrap. It was fun to observe the people at the cafe. One of the cafe patrons brought in his 15 month old, 175 lb Mastiff puppy. When I got my sandwich, I was very... confused. I like French toast. I like ham and cheese sandwiches. But the combination was very bizarre. It didn't taste bad but I just didn't enjoy it. I guess I'm conventional like that.

- Rose

Kiss Cafe
2817 NW Market St
Seattle, WA

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