Monday, September 27, 2010

The 20th Sandwich

A week before last Thursday, I visited Tat's Deli, which is located in Pioneer Square, and had my first cheese steak sandwich. Later in the evening, I told a student about my sandwich of the day. She was surprised at the fact that I had never had a cheese steak sandwich before. The reason I am new to cheese steak sandwiches is that the only cheese steak sandwich deli that I am familiar with is notorious not for its sandwiches but for the multiple homicides that have been committed at the location. Because of the association, I used to think that cheese steak sandwiches were sketch but now I know that they are actually pretty awesome.

When it was my turn to order, I was overwhelmed with the number of options. What kind of cheese? What kind of meat? Onions? I asked for an authentic cheese steak sandwich, which included "cheese whiz", steak and grilled onions. The sandwich was very hot but appropriate for the grey weather. The meat was peppery and the "cheese whiz" was mild. It was a messy and delicious sandwich. When I finished, I felt sated and warm. When I go again (probably on another grey day), I might try different cheese. I'm glad that my sandwich adventure challenged me to reconsider some of my old assumptions.

- Rose

PS: I'm behind schedule on my sandwich eating and am not completely caught up with my blog posts. But I WILL finish my sandwich adventure.

Tat's Deli
159 Yesler Way
Seattle, WA

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