Sunday, August 29, 2010

The First Sandwich

It has been a long but sandwich packed day. Today, I met Wally for lunch at Homegrown on Capitol Hill. I was moving all morning and I was looking forward to my first sandwich. Homegrown's Crab Cake, Bacon + Avacado sandwich. As I walked up to the cashier, I passed by a woman telling her friend how delicious her sandwich was. I became super excited and I placed my order for the Crab Cake sandwich and a raspberry lemonade.

The sandwich I received seemed a little small. The bread was was firm and felt warm in my hands. The time that elapsed between my first and last bites is a spicy blur. By the time it was over I was able to appreciate the size of the sandwich. I felt perfectly sated. Had the sandwich been bigger, I still would've eaten the entire thing and felt less pleased. -_-

After lunch, Wally and I went to IKEA to get some knick knacks. Finally at 10 pm, post-IKEA and some organizing, we realized that we hadn't had dinner. We were really hungry and wanted to eat something that would satisfy our appetite. So I had my second sandwich of the day. One of my favorites - the lamb/beef gyro at Aladdin's Gyrocery in the U District.

You can't have too many sandwiches. YUM

1531 Melrose Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

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